Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seagulls & Sunsets - January 26th

It's January, what am I doing outside? Well .. :) I believe Western Washington got a little lucky on this beautiful day. This morning at work I got a little excited because the forecast said 60 degrees and sun!... and it was right :) So around 4 pm I grabbed my camera and headed to Borst Park, to take a little walk and snap some pictures. There were probably at least 200 seagulls there by the lake, surrounded by people taking their evening stroll tossing bread to the hungry little things. THEN on my way to Adna, I purposely took the long way because the sunset looked super pretty, one of my pet peeves is missing a good sunset ;) as I passed a small lake a decided to pull over and take some pictures. I'm so glad I did because it was beautiful. Hope you like these!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where The Light Is - Summer 2010

This past summer I will never forget. It was overflowing with love, laughter, family, & friends. I had a special visitor from Sweden ;), and we got to travel around a lot! The pictures in this album are a few out of the hundreds I took this summer. You will see pictures from Idaho, Cannon Beach Oregon, San Francisco, & Los Angeles California, and BEST of all, Seattle Washington :) ... and to think these were the only places I had my camera. *sigh* If only it was small enough to carry around Disneyland ;) -- enjoy!